We are working on an online application form, For now though, please use the format below to enter your responses in a text editor or you can also print, complete and scan the application.  EMail it to our application coordinator at Wethreewests@gmail.com

Northeast Ohio Shetland Sheepdog Inc Adoption application








City:                                                                 State:                            Zip Code:


Phone:  Home (      )                                         Work  (      )




May we call you at work?


Email Address:


Do you check Email every day?


How long have you lived at your current address: ______________If less than two years, then list your previous address:


Type of residence:  House __________ Apartment __________ Mobile home________ Condo __________


Do you:  Own _____ Rent _____ If renting, do you have permission to have pets?



Does the place you live have any restrictions as to the size, weight, or number of dogs you are allowed to own?  ___________


Landlord’s name: _____________________ Phone (        ) __________________


Number of children in home: ___________ Ages: _________________________


Are there others besides your immediate family residing in your home? __________


If Yes, who? __________________________________________________




Does your home have a yard? _________ Is the yard entirely fenced? _____________


What type of fence and how tall is it? __________________________If you do not have

a fence, how do you plan to confine the sheltie to your property?




Have you had pets in the last five years? _________________

What kind? __________________________


What happened to those pets? ___________________________________________


Were they spay/neutered: __________ If not, why? __________________________


Do you intend to keep the sheltie indoors or outdoors?  Please elaborate!




Where will your dog be kept while you are away from home (Crate, Baby gated in room, Full run of house, outside in fenced area, etc.)



What is the longest period or time your dog may be left alone?



Who will care for your pet(s) if you go away on vacation?



Will your dog be permitted on your furniture? _________________

In your bed? _____________________


Will you take your new dog to obedience class if needed? _______________


List any reason(s) that would cause you to “give up” your Sheltie: (Divorce, Move, Baby, Allergies, etc.) ________________________________________________________



Since most of these dogs have unknown medical backgrounds, are you willing and prepared to provide any needed medical treatment? ___________________

Would cost be a factor? ______________________





Current veterinarian’s name



Address: __________________________________________________

City: ____________________________ State: ______________ Zip: ____________


Phone: (          )____________________

How long have you been a client? ___________________




Do you have a sex preference for a Sheltie?    Male: __________     Female: __________

No preference: ____________


Do you have a color preference? _____________

If yes, what color? ________________________________


What is the oldest age Sheltie you would consider? _____________ Would you consider a “special needs” Sheltie?  (Deaf, Blind, Behavioral problems, Medical issues, etc.)



Why do you want a Sheltie? ___________________________________________


Are you willing to allow a rescue representative to visit your home by appointment before and after the adoption? _______________ If not, please explain why:







I certify that the information I have provided on this form is true and correct



I am financially able to provide the Sheltie with the proper food and veterinary care, which may be costly.  (National average expenses for a dog is estimated to be $600.00 or more annually)



I understand that any false statements constitute grounds for confiscation/surrender of the Sheltie back to the rescue upon demand.





I agree that if the adoption is unsuccessful that I will contact the rescue immediately and return the Sheltie to them.



Under no circumstances will I place this Sheltie with another person, organization, relative, or anyone else other than the rescue or their authorized representative.



I further understand that the rescue may demand return of this Sheltie for any violation of the terms of the adoption contract.




We reserve the right to refuse any application




Adoption donations:

$250     Less than one year  

$200     Adult Sheltie

$100     Senior, Special needs, etc.   May be adjusted at discretion of NEOSSR representative


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