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The Sheltie’s coat will require regular brushing to maintain their beauty. Be prepared to give your dog a thorough brushing one a week, with a daily touchup.

The sheltie is a “herding breed” and will tend to chase cars, bikes and joggers in an effort to “restore the general order of their world.” A fenced yard and walking on a lead is strongly recommended!

The sheltie fulfills their duty as watchdog by barking loudly and at all unusual situations. Leaving your dog chained out in the backyard all day while you are away at work will most assuredly make you well known among the neighbors.

The sheltie is a social animal and requires regular contact with their human family. They respond best to training methods which utilize “positive reinforcement.”

Shelties get along well with other animals, although initial introductions should be supervised.

The sheltie temperament does not permit them to “attack on command.” While they will protect their owner’s family, they will not protect their owner’s property. If you are looking for a guard dog, do not get a sheltie!

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